Fabulashbyjax Lash Wash & Cleanser Combo

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FabulashByJax Daily Eyelash Cleanser, Lash Brush & Lash Wand Combo

100% Oil Free, pH Balanced & Vegan Friendly

Clean your lash extension at least once a day to remove eye makeup and oils this will allow for better retention.

This lash shampoo like product gently sweeps away debris and bacteria to keep your eyes and lashes healthy and strong.

Recommended to be used with the fine bristle eyelash brush

Less Plastic for our environment

Refills are also available ~ if you keep your bottle and return it to me I will refill it for you & you can take $3.00 off the listed price (Please allow 48 hours for refill before you collect) The bottle will be washed and sterilized and refilled.

Use promo code ~ Refill ~ when checking out!