Lash Pallet

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Lash Technicians best tool -

Rectangular Pallet
Smooth surface, non-corroding. It is made of strong and sleek acrylic making it lightweight and durable. 

It can easily hold 10 eyelash strips, catering for all of your lengths.
Elastic strap and Velcro pad attachment allows you to position the palette to suit you.
Comfortable and convenient it is a perfect way to work with your lashes during your treatment. Reduce your application time significantly by holding your lash strips closer to your client making the process of picking up and applying individual eyelashes quicker and easier.

Curved Crystal Pallet has a U-shaped, smooth surface and non-corroding. Easy to clean and designed specifically for eyelash extension. Size 8cmx5cm

Glue Lash Pallet a genius invention for our eyelash industry. Smooth surface, non-corroding and super easy to use and clean. This pallet comes with a fanning blossom cup holder.

When first using please clean and push hard for the blossom cup to fit into the groove.  7mm - 15mm lash sizing and physical size of palette is 10cmx5cm.