Glue Primer

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This product should be applied on the false individual eyelash strip root to boost up drying speed and retention of the lash glue.  

It removes the efflorescence effectively caused by low or exceeded humidity working environment.  Small amount MAX effect!


Avoid storing this product with your extension glue.  Primer will solidify your glue even when they are unopened.

Never use directly on human skin or hair and never mix this with your glue.

Efflorescence is caused by level of moisture in the air.  Always try maintain a 40-60% humidity and use this product to prevent efflorescence.

For professional use only

Acrylate, H2O, Surfactant
* Designated to boost drying speed and to ensure long lasting retention
* Prevent the efflorescence caused by low or exceeded humidity
* Suitable for both lash extension experts and beginners
How to use
* Glue Primer should be applied on false eyelash root while still on the strip using a micro-brush
* Start extension after the primer evaporates completely