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i-Beauty Ultimate Glue

We have a new glue in town, imported directly from the manufacture in South Korea home to many known adhesives such as Lady Black, Sky Zone and Sky Glue. 

i-Beauty brand was founded in the early 2000's as an academy however they felt the quality of many adhesives on the market were just not on point so they began to manufacture their own range. 

This is a semi fast drying glue 
Color of glue : black
Adhesive strength: 3-6 weeks (There might be little difference depending on lash technicians skill, room temperature and after care)

Drying Time: 2-3sec (depending on room conditions) High temp and high humidity

Humidity best at 50% with a range between 45-60%

Temp best between 22-25deg


Note for Glue:

DO NOT use for strip lashes only for professional use
Please shake bottle of glues before use 
Unopened glue shelf life - 6 months .
Once opened shelf life is around 2-3 months if stored correctly
In order to preserve your glues, keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat.
Always keep the glue caps super tight between uses.
Glue must be stored in cool shaded place.  
Keep the glues in an air-tight container with a silica pack to draw out moisture.
Don't store adhesive in the fridge once you've opened it, this allows moisture to get inside the bottle
The best way to keep the new glue before opening is store it in refrigerator.
If using from a fridge, please allow glue to reach room temp before this could normally take between 3-4 hours.