Mini USB Mister

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Air Conditioning drying out your room?

Needing to add more humidity or simply want to add fragrance to the air in your lash room?

Try this little beauty!  Silent, Fine Spray, Colorful light, Automatic power-off.

Turn on Mist - First short press turns on continuous spray, second press switches to intermittent spray.

Turn on light - First long press turns on light, second long press to fix on the color and third long price to switch of light.

Attention:  The first time in use please fill the water to the highest level line, wait 5 min before turning on as the filter needs to be completely wet.

Better to use water only but water-solubility oil is acceptable .

DO NOT use pure essential oil it will easily block the atomizer.

Recommended to change the filter every 2-3 months depending on use.

Order includes:

1x Humidifier, 1x USB cable,1x filter (inside the unit)