Sky Zone

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The very best manufactured in Korea ~ the humble and well known Sky Zone adhesive.

For a stronger version of lady black - check out our SKY ZONE adhesive.

This product is genuine Sky Zone eyelash extension adhesive direct from manufacture.

Ideal for all applications Volume and Classic.

Drying time 1-2 seconds at 22C-24C temp

Drying time 2-3 seconds at lower temp 18C-23C 

Humidity 35% - 65%

Viscosity is thin

Retention 3-5 weeks ( depends on application and aftercare)

Medium to little fumes

Ziploc pack with silica gel to keep glue fresher.

Store in the fridge unopened for up to 12 months.

Last for around 4-6 weeks after opened provided it is stored correctly.

Every time after using the glue, wipe the nozzle and close it tightly.

 Note for Glue:

Please shake bottle very well before use 
Unopened glue shelf life is around 6-8 months
Opened shelf life is around 1 month, some may last for longer depending on how you store your glue
In order to preserve your glue keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat.
Keep the glue caps super tight between uses
Glue must be stored in cool shade place 
Keep the glues in an air-tight container with a silica pack to draw out moisture
Don't store adhesive in the fridge once you've opened it
The best way to store the new glue before opening it is in the refrigerator
Allow the glue to reach room temperature when taking it out of the refrigerator before you use it